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Matthew Paris records that " comes Symon de Tuscia " was captured at Rome. He escorted Pope Leo III to safety in Spoleto after he was rescued following the assaults on him 25 Apr 799 881. . Rainaldo his wife had one child: i) annibale (-after 1168). . (b) gregorius II (-1058). . She was named as deceased in a document dated, although it remains to be clarified whether this is a reference to Theodora, widow of Crescentius II's older brother Ioannes I Crescentius. .

The Chronicon Farfense records that " Berardus filius Berardi comitis " donated " ecclesiam Sancte Trinitatis in Avezano " to Farfa, dated. . Ioannes (-after Aug 1014). . Crescentii olim consulis et ducis qui dicebatur de Theodora, seu Sergiæolim jugalium " 780. . " Oddo comes cum Iohanne et Crescentio germanis suis, Octavianus filius " donated property to Farfa by charter dated Aug. . The name of Drogo's wife is not known. . Scandone suggests that Landolfo was the son of Landolfo. . Paolo his wife had one child: (a) lucia di Caccamo-Segni (-after 1252). . The name of Bernardo's wife is not known. . Conti di ceccano Ceccano is located in the central part of the present-day Italian region of Lazio, south of the town of Frosinone. .

He became commander of the papal army which was victorious in Campania 358. Matthew Paris records the death in 1249 of " alius Fretherici filius naturalis in Apulia " directly after his report of the capture of Enzio King of Sardinia, specifying that he died " eodemque tempore.e. The other persons named in this document have not yet been identified. The " Catalogus Baronum dated to 1168, records " comes Riccardus de Aquila " holding " demanium suum de Calvoet Riardum with " milites XXI et augmentum eiusmilites XXIinter proprium feudum et augmentum milites xlii " and listing his feeholders 449. . Pertinentia Gaietanæ civitatis " and the abbot of Monte Cassino, dated to " vicesima tertia anno comitatus domni Daoferi et domni Landoni seu et duodecimo anno comitatus domni Ederadi et domni Marini " 715. . Casinensis names " Oderisium Oderisii Marsorum comitis filium " 235. . Formerly in the principality of Benevento, it was part of the territory conquered by Godefroi, brother of Robert "Guiscard" Duke of Apulia, probably dated to the late 1050s. .  The Chronicon Farfense records that " Theoderanda filia Gratiani consulis Romani " donated " castellumBuccinianum " to Farfa, for the soul of " mariti sui Ingebaldi Francigene, tempore Alberici Romanorum principis, qui dederat ei Sabinensem comitatum dated to 939 646.

The Chronicon Farfense records that " Theodora " became " Romane civitatis monarchiam " 753. . The counties in this area were mainly under Papal jurisdiction. . The first Adenulfus was presumably Adenolfo VII, son of Adenolfo VI (see above). . The Chronicon Farfense records that " Octavianus filius Oddonis " supported Farfa against his father, dated to 1103 from the context 618. The wife of " Albericus marchio " is referred to as " Theophilacti filia " in the Benedicti Chronicon, although not named 756. . Bebroardo (-after Aug 800). . Hugo Falcandus records that " the queen created eight counts in that one year 1166 " including " Richard de Say " 546. Casinensis records that " Adenulfus rnardi de Aquino " donated property inherited from his parents in Sancto Urbano to Montecassino, the date ed in the margin of the edition consulted 361. Cicilie in tenimento Eboli which the king restored to monastery of San Pietro di Eboli, adding that the king granted " Ebolum " to " comiti Flandrie " 569.

However, the fact that his great-granddaughter Rogata, descended from his son Crescentius, named her daughter Marozia suggests that the couple may have been the parents of all the children who are shown below. Godefredo his wife had one child: i) giuseppe (-after 955). The Annales Ceccanenses record that in Nov 1182 " filii Landulfi de Ceccano " handed over the castle to Pope Lucio 477. The name of Rahels wife is not known. . The name of Ruggieros wife is not known. .

This alleged second marriage is unlikely to be correct. . The name of Stefanias possible husband is not known. . When Count Ruggiero was granted the county of Andria in 1168, Alba was restored to the son of the previous holder of the county. . He was chosen as ratchis King of the Lombards when King Hildeprand was deposed in 744. . The Chronicon Salernitanum names " Lamberto filio Guidonis senioris " 936. . Neither of these sources specify the relationship between Mauring and Duke Suppo. " Joseph ducis rectorisque territorii Sabinensis " is named in a charter dated Nov 941 652.

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It is based on Rodulfus Glaber who recounts that Otto III married the widow of Crescentius Senator of Rome but " dismissed her by divorce " shortly afterwards 797. . It is not known whether the latter reference is to Riccardo, to his son of the same name or to his nephew Riccardo son of Goffredo. The forces of "Count Lambert" defeated and killed Wihomarc who had rebelled in Brittany in 825 925. . The name of Ottos wife is not known. . He succeeded his cousin in 888/89 as guido IV Duke of Spoleto. .

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Giuseppe his wife had one child: a) godefredo (-after 920). . Otto his wife had two children: (a) ioannes. . Pandolfo his wife had one child: a) pandolfo dAquino. . A charter of Monte Cassino, dated 1028, records a donation by " Atto comes " for the souls of " Attonis comitis que fuit bisabio meo etTrasmundi dux et marchioavio meo etTrasmundi comitisgenitor meoet Landolfi comesgermano meo etSikelgardeavia meaet Marocza comitissegenitrix mea ". "Mauring Count of Brescia" was elected to succeed Adalhard as Duke of Spoleto, but died "within a few days" 897. . " Dominum Leonem comitem Fundanæ civitatis " donated eros video porno chatt ragazze land outside the city at Flexu to the bishop of Terracina by charter dated Oct 1092/93 497.

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Bernard King of Italy sent Winichis to suppress a revolt by the Romans when Pope Leo III was dying in 815 886. . The relationships between the following four individuals and the other Aquino families which are shown above have not been giochi di letto siti di incontro per sesso ascertained. " Girardoconsul Fundane civitatiscum Labineaconiux mea " donated the monasteries of San Magno di Fondi and San Martin in Tirille to Monte Cassino, with the consent of " domno Leo consul by charter dated Sep. Suppo I, son of - (-5 Mar 824 890 ). . The county of Teano first developed in the Lombard principality of Benevento in the early 10th century and is recorded as a Lombard county until the mid-11th century, see conti di teano in the document southern italy (1). .